Gruppo Zanon Unicrop - Minerbe
Zanon spa
via Anson, 1
37046 Minerbe
Tel. +39 0442 640024
Certificato Zanon Silvio csQa

Zanon spa - Minerbe

The group Zanon spa arises from the management of two companies (Zanon Silvio srl and Unicrop Ltd.) directed and administered by a single group.
The company origins of her family business as a sole proprietorship since 1955. Over the years the group Zanon / Unicrop has consolidated its operations moving from modest initial size to an agro-industrial complex and commercial able to meet the diverse needs of customers in the production, sale and distribution of food products and livestock.
The grain handling and feed is strictly followed in all its phases, from the collection and receipt of agricultural products, their processing and storage before being distributed breeding.